Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh, NO, You Didn't Just SAY That

According to a Mitt Romney (you remember him, the Christian hating fanatical cultist, right?) spokesperson, "[Romney] continues to believe that this campaign should not be about questioning a candidate's faith. While it is fair to criticize an opponent's record or policy positions, it is out of bounds for one candidate to question another's personal faith."

Unless the candidate is a Democrat. In which case, his (or her) atheist, gay marriage, abortion permitting ass is fair game. After all, "Freedom Requires Faith."

And Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.


Anonymous said...

In the "Metaphysics of Morals," Immanuel Kant describes how we can achieve international perpetual peace and, so, personal happiness. One thing will potentially always stand in the way, he tells us. He calls that thing "The Unjust Enemy." This "Enemy", nation, evil fucker of one kind or another, never wants peace, never negotiates, never listens, never does anything civil or seems willing to meet with civil people to discuss things. The trick about the "Unjust Enemy," as Kant defines it, of course, is that you can violate all of the principles of civil and international society in order to destroy the fucker. That's right, he is so "unjust" that you don't have to be just in any way shape or motherfucking form when you go out to kick his ass. For Christians in America, Atheists are the "Unjust Enemy." Atheists are even worse than radical Muslims or evil zen-master Budhists because they simply don't believe in the big thing, das ding-an-sich, the head honcho. Hence, anyone who has faith in science rather than some dude in the clouds, anyone who believes in global warming caused by man rather than by the judgment of a just God, is an unjust enemy. Is there a paradox here? Are Christians, by refusing to negotiate, refusing to listen, refusing to speak civilly with atheists becoming "unjust." Judge for yourselves. As for me, there will always be only one "Unjust Enemy," and his name is John Travolta. Dude made like three good movies in his life, and everyone's always talking about him like he's a national treasure. What the fuck? He's the enemy of good art. ok, I feel better now.

Renée said...

The Really Mad Professor needs to get more sleep. Other than that, he's right--except about John Travolta, who just delivered a brilliant turn in Hairspray. Enemy of good art my ass!