Thursday, December 6, 2007

NIE, NIE, NIE, I Can't Heeeaaaarr You!!!

As pointed out by Josh Marshall at TPM, it turns out that if you're a winger who gets his news from Fox, you might be forgiven for not knowing about the National Intelligence Estimate two days later.

As Fox has been doing a bang up job of burying something the Bushies find embarrassing. Since they've been strongly implying that the next thing that Iran would do to us was nuke a city or two, you might think they'd ease off talking about it. You know, I'm not really expecting a "We screwed up," but I didn't expect this.

Shorter Bush: Fuck reality, I'm not changing my mind no matter what.

Seriously. Fox is BURYING a story that directly contradicts what Darth Cheney has been telling us for months. How the hell did they even COVER that travesty of a press conference without promoting that news that the Bushies have been, ya'know, LYING to us, because they want to get their war on?

And now the wingnuttosphere is denying the entire premise of the NIE. Basically, it's all a CIA plot to discredit Bush, because they want Iran to take over America. Why exactly the CIA hates America is not really clear. Maybe because they accept reality. Who the fuck knows?

The reason your co-worker is acting like Iraq has always been going well, that Saddam had WMDs, that the US takes care of the troops and Iran is working on "newk-you-lar" weapons? They watch Fox.

Do you suppose Fox'll be as deferential to the next President?

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Anonymous said...

I have a radical interpretation of all of this: the wingnuts really want us to get attacked. It's just an idea, but i feel like they want nothing more than the truth of their ideology to blow up in our faces. I seem to remember the outrage that trent Lott demonstrated to the world right after 9/11. It was a very "I told you so" kind of outrage. I remmeber thinking, "This fucker got a real hardon when the terrorists struck." Let me be clear--I don't think they consciously want it--or even know that they want it. But they want to be right so bad that they don't care if it means that the country, the economy, and nearly everything but their own fat white asses get blown to fucking smithereens. Goddamn strangelove mother fuckers. OK, I feel better now. Have a swell day.