Friday, May 7, 2010

If You're A Jane Hamsher Fan, I Apologize But...

This is some high quality snark from Matt Yglesias:

Yesterday, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont struck a deal with Chris Dodd and the White House over his “audit the Fed” proposal that allowed the measure to be adopted by the Senate. I saw last night on Twitter that this led to Jane Hamsher denouncing Sanders as a sellout, which I noted led to a bit of a credibility mismatch between a veteran progressive legislator and a media entrepreneur whose specialty niche is never taking yes for an answer on anything.

For those who wonder at the point, Jane (at
Firedoglake) led a kill the bill effort...with Grover Norquist(!)...against the final version of HCR, under the rubric that anything less than "Medicare For All" made you functionally identical to George if you ARE a Hamsher fan, I have to ask: "Why?"