Thursday, October 4, 2007

Something Stephen Fry and I Have in Common

We started blogging in September 2007. Really.

At some point in the near future I will comment on the Deciderator's decision that we don't torture. We torture, but if we do it by definition it's not torture.

An aborted post or two has convinced me that I'm not ready to write coherently about it. Look over all the previous posts. Eliminate all the words that aren't "fuck". String the remaining words together. That's what a post on this would look like at the moment. Even I have an anger circuit breaker and it's tripped.

So go looking where I looked.


Renee said...

If Stephen Fry's blog used the word "fuck" a little more frequently, you'd practically be twins. He's not half the obscenity artist that you are.

Clark said...

Nothing but abuse...

I figured you'd be happy to know that there IS an upper limit to how pissed off I can get.