Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congressional Oversight Kills

Apparently, according to our inestimable Intelligence "Czar" Mike McConnell during testimony in hearings regarding FISA, a law so stringent and unreasonable that the number of times the authorities have been denied a warrant during the entire post-Watergate period can be counted on ONE HAND, has informed congress that holding hearings regarding the law (which has been on public record, since, oh...WATERGATE) would ensure that "some Americans are going to die".

Whoa. And here I thought the Congress was PART of government, and proper oversight was, ya know, part of the JOB. Silly me. In the era of the Deciderator, you shut up and hope the Republican Apparatchiks never notice you.

I mean the only place McConnell has EVER discussed FISA is the sacrosanct, highly classified, Top Secret (Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence) forums of....the El Paso TIMES?!?!?

Oh my stars and garters! I can't BELIEVE we're risking the public by discussing FISA in CONGRESS rather than the El FUCKING Paso Times, where these things belong.

This goddamn administration makes my teeth itch.

So...since Mikey-baby will no doubt get want he wants, what SHOULD we change the national anthem to, now that "Land of the free, and the home of the brave" is self-evidently inaccurate? Comments welcome.

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