Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm going to make this an open thread (and no doubt will be mightily disappointed in reaction), but work, where we are trying DESPERATELY to save bonuses given the economic climate, my overall muted and somewhat depressed reaction to ideologues who'd rather ride the bomb down than turn the fucking plane around (a Dr. Strangelove reference):

and a general need to cater to every need and/or whim of the Wee Pedant have left me with a dearth of posting urge.


Anonymous said...

ah--the greatest moment in the history of film's attempt to critique politics, and it nearly always fits the moment when you're talking about nations that base their identities on Manichean differences (evil commies vs. good capitalists or good capitalists vs. evil terrorists) rather than on any positive content.

Clark said...

Truly, one of film's greatest moments in a film that provides many of them ("Gentlemen! You can't fight in here; this is the WAR room!").

2001 and Dr. Strangelove alone would enshire Kubrick, ego and all, in the high art hall of fame.