Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Voter Fraud Detected in WI. Right Wing Outrage Machine...Well...OUTRAGED

Turns out there's photographic evidence that a slightly underaged voter in Wisconsin went to the polls yesterday:

If you look carefully just above the grassy knoll you'll detect an "I Voted" sticker. Clearly, this is evidence of massive voter fraud that must be addressed immediately. I understand that Red State and Michelle Malkin are, as we speak, rifling through my garbage looking for evidence that the Wee Pedant cast a ballot for the lieberal Demoncrat Barack Jihad Hussein Osama Obama.

Won't they be surprised when all they find is used diapers from the aforementioned Wee Pedant and used litter from Furperson Cat Pedant's litterbox?

Don't eat it it Michelle. :-)


Renée said...

Ummm. . . shouldn't she be wearing blue on such an auspicious occasion?

Mrs. Pedant said...

She would if she owned any - I can't find any that isn't really over the top boy. I'll have to go for a Babies for Obama onesie or somthing for November. Besides, according to the repubs her parents are commie pinkos anyway.